Come back to your true Self.
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Sōhum ( So’Ham, सो ऽहम् ) is a Sanskrit and an ancient Vedic word meaning “I am that.” The vibration of Sōhum is present in every breath that we take. It’s a universal mantra that invites us to awaken to and reconnect with our true Self and with the world around us. It calls us to a deep sense of self-awareness and a shared experience that links all humanity.
Therapy for people ready to live as their true Self

Therapy For People ready to live as their true SelF

You deserve to be authentically you.  Our therapists are here to help you reconnect with your truest essence so that you can live your most fulfilling life.

At Sōhum, we treat you as the whole person that you are: body, mind and spirit. We create a safe and nurturing space to explore all parts of you. You can heal from the past, fully experience the present with purpose, and find hope and meaning for the future. Rediscover your most authentic Self and embrace a full life aligned with your deepest values.

Therapy for all parts of you

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