Couples Therapy in NYC

Couples therapy in NYC Overview

Couples therapy: An Introduction

Our romantic relationships can be our greatest sources of joy and connection.   But our relationships require work and commitment in order to stay healthy, balanced and nourished.  You don’t need to do that work alone and couples therapy is a great tool to support you in creating and maintaining a healthy, attuned partnership.

Whether you’re wanting to cope with stressors, heal past wounds or infidelity, adjust to parenthood, or work on healthier, more effective communication together, our skilled therapists will help you to create a path to your goals.

what is couples therapy?

In couples therapy, both partners (i.e. the relationship) are “the client.”  A therapist will work with you to establish the issues that you want help with, gain insight into what’s creating or perpetuating problematic patterns, and to experientially heal and create healthier patterns going forward.

At Sōhum, we know that couples therapy can create real, lasting change and healing.  We’ve seen the ways that partners are able to reconnect and find relief when they are seen and understood in ways that they’ve been craving in their relationship.  Couples therapy provides a safe, collaborative space to do this. Your therapist will help you to understand your challenges by listening to both partners and observing disruptive patterns. Together, you will work on these issues in real time in session and develop insight and compassion as you identify your core needs. As a couple, you will find freedom from fears and habits and a path back to healing connection.

Our therapists primarily work through an Emotion Focused Couples Therapy (EFCT) lens, but we also have training in other methods including The Gottman Method.  Our therapists only use evidenced-based, proven approaches. Reach out to us to learn more about couples therapy at Sōhum. 

Couples Therapy in NYC can help you

How couples therapy can help

At Sōhum, our therapists can help you to:

Who we treat: Couples therapy in NYC

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new partnerships

Premarital couples

married couples

couples with children

Couples in distress

Couples facing transitions

Who is couples therapy for?

At Sōhum, we work with couples at all stages of relationships.  You might be in a new partnership, in a premarital stage, married, married with young children or married and transitioning to an empty nest.  Regardless of what stage you are in, our therapists are here to guide you on a path to healthy and lasting connection.

Couples therapy for a number of reasons, including desires to:

  • Learn healthier communication skills
  • Explore needs, wants, and boundaries
  • Understand attachment patterns
  • Find effective and attuned ways to respond to each other
  • Heal wounds and transgressions
  • Cope with transitions
  • Adjust to parenthood
  • Effectively integrate each other’s needs and desires


We also provide depression and anxiety therapy in NYC.

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