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high-functioning adults in NYC Therapy

high-functioning adults in NYC

New York City is fast-paced and demanding.  It’s easy to have unrealistic expectations of yourself and to assume that perseverance through pain is “normal.”  If you find yourself excelling in your career but feeling exhausted, burnt out and lonely on the inside, you’re not alone.  Constant achievement – even at the high levels of functioning – can serve as a distraction from a painful inner experience we might rather avoid.  Therapy can help you face these difficult realities so that you can find presence, engagement and balance in your life. 

How can therapy help high functioning professionals?

It’s tempting to get caught up in external yardsticks of achievement.  When there’s something going on inside ourselves that’s challenging, one way we can cope is to look outside – to keep doing and finding success in an attempt to find validation and heal inner suffering.  It might work in the short term but unfortunately, we’ll continue to be disconnected and in pain if we try to measure ourselves by the external world.

Therapy can help you reconnect to all parts of yourself so that you can find balance and presence in your life.  That doesn’t mean sacrificing achievements. It does mean that you can be driven by authentic self-motivation and desires rather than the “shoulds” and expectations of others and society.  It also means honoring your needs as a human to find rest and restoration. 

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Getting Started with Therapy For High Functioning Adults

At Sōhum Therapy, we’ll help you to slow down and take a look at what’s going on inside.  This often initially feels antithetical for high achievers, who may crave quick and immediate results.  With time, our clients report a great sense of relief and freedom by having a space to thoughtfully and mindfully take a look at their inner experience and emotions.  Clients discover patterns that are no longer serving them and getting in the way of the life they most desire. 

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