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Therapy for Adult Individuals

Are you ready to face your struggles with a trusted therapist?  Individuals come to therapy for a range of reasons.  Often times, people feel like they’re stuck, things have hit a breaking point, or they’re feeling overwhelmed, unhappy and stressed.  Sometimes it’s a new thought to come to therapy and other times, someone’s been thinking about it for a while and finally decides to follow through.  Regardless of when and why people start therapy, they generally have a desire to live a more connected, fulfilling, and happier life. 

Whether you’re dealing with identity issues and low self-esteem, working through trauma, living with anxiety or depression, facing challenges in relationships, or if you just want a fuller, more connected and joyful life, therapy can help.  You don’t have to continue repeating cycles that cause you suffering.  You can find freedom and peace within yourself.  At Sōhum, we’re here as compassionate partners on that journey.

What's Individual therapy like?

At Sōhum, our therapists will help you make sense of your struggles, gain insight and understanding, and most importantly, help you get the the root causes of what’s getting in your way and what’s no longer serving you.  Along the way, we’ll support you in integrating skills and tools to help you manage your symptoms. 

Our therapists create a safe space for you to explore your most vulnerable parts.   We work with a range of therapeutic modalities to help you work through challenging feelings, thoughts and beliefs so that you can reconnect with your true Self.  Our therapists incorporate the body (somatic therapy) as a source of wisdom and knowledge in the therapy room.  You’ll often hear us invite you to slow down and mindfully tune into your inner experience.  We’ll help you to tolerate difficult emotions and experiences so that you no longer have to escape from or avoid them.  As all parts of your experience have permission to come back on line, you can learn to integrate them and come back to your Self.  

The best Individual therapy options in New York

Why do Individuals come to therapy?

Some reasons include:

Our Approach to Individual Therapy

It’s our honor and privilege to accompany you on your path

Emotion-Focused Therapy

ISTDP for Anxiety

Internal Family Systems Therapy

Beginning Individual Therapy

At Sōhum Therapy, our therapists offer a complimentary introductory call that allows you to share what’s bringing you to therapy, learn about how our therapists work, and walk you through the logistics of starting therapy.  We take careful consideration to ensure that we can help you with struggles and that private practice therapy is an appropriate level of care and support.  

We’ll create a safe and welcoming environment so that you and your therapist have a strong foundation to do challenging, rewarding work together.  Reach out to us today to being your therapeutic journey. 

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