Therapy for Depression in NYC

Overview of Depression Therapy

Depression: An Overview

Depression is a common but debilitating condition.  It impacts how a person feels (emotionally and physically), thinks, and approaches daily activities.  It can seem all consuming.  It’s also treatable – if you are suffering from depression, know that there’s hope for healing, connection, joy and fulfillment in your life. 

Symptoms associated with depression interfere with day-to-day functioning and cause significant distress.   Common indicators include low energy; feelings of hopelessness, helplessness or anger; isolation, irritability; changes in appetite or weight; loss of interest in activities that formerly brought pleasure; and sleep disturbances. Statistically speaking, depression is more common in women than in men.

How do I know when to seek help for depression?​

Everyone feels sad, helpless, regretful, or despair sometimes – it’s part of being human. When these feelings become persistent, pervasive and difficult to cope with, however, this is a sign of depression.  It may feel like you’ve tried everything – talking to friends, reading self-help books, doing meditation and relaxation exercises – but you’re still stuck in a cloud of overwhelming sadness.  When depression disrupts how you used to feel, act and relate, you may need support to work through and with your struggles.

Despite how challenging depression is, many people still function at a high level: performing at work, taking care of their families, and engaging socially.  In NYC, it can even feel like “the norm” and something to grit your teeth and get through.  However, under the surface, feelings of sadness, guilt, worthlessness and despair abound. 

You don’t have to suffer alone.  At Sōhum Therapy, our therapists aren’t scared of your pain.  We’re here to take a look at it with you so that you can enjoy your life again.

We offer depression therapy options tailored to your individual experience and focused on reconnecting with your authentic self. We will bring all parts of you into the therapy space – even the scariest parts. With skill, compassion and safety, we will help you to find the connection and fulfillment you are seeking. We provide anxiety therapy in NYC as well. 

Know when to seek depression therapy in NYC
Common Symptoms of Depression

Common Symptoms of Depression

Depression manifests through various symptoms:

Types of Depression Therapy We Provide

We are deeply honored to walk alongside you on your healing journey.





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What is therapy for depression like?

If you notice depression interfering with your life, help is available to you.  Therapy can help you to find the relief you’ve been needing.

At Sōhum, our therapists get how all-encompassing depression can be.  We also understand that it might be scary to take a look at.  Our therapists are skilled at safely creating space to witness your depression with you.  Together, we’ll honor your body, mind, and spirit as sources of vital information for healing.  We will explore your past as well as present-moment experience.  We also equip you with skills, strategies and behavioral changes to help you manage your depression as we work toward the root causes.  We’ll collaborate care with other providers when appropriate to ensure that you are getting the most thorough care possible.  We will support you in creating meaningful, long-lasting change so that you can feel good again.

What is therapy for depression like

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