Sōhum ( So’Ham, सो ऽहम् ) is a Sanskrit and an ancient Vedic word meaning “I am that.” The vibration of Sōhum is present in every breath that we take. It’s a universal mantra that invites us to awaken to and reconnect with our true Self and with the world around us. It calls us to a deep sense of self-awareness and a shared experience that links all humanity.

A note from our founder

Years ago, my yoga teacher offered me the mantra Sōhum. It was during a difficult time in my life and one of profound loss. I struggled to repeat these words that invited me into connection with my body, my spirit and to the universe. As I was able to slowly allow myself back into my body through this mantra, I felt sadness, pain and anger along with a sense of relief at how real it all felt. Reconnecting with my Self and my emotions opened me up to connect with the people in my life who I love and trust. My life became fuller. I was able to hold sadness and loss along with moments of joy and connection. It’s a complexity that we often face – holding contradictory emotions at the same time.

As humans, we often find ways to escape ourselves and our experience. We have good and valid reasons for doing so – and sometimes it can even be adaptive – but when this becomes our norm, our lives and relationships begin to deflate. We don’t feel alive.

I started Sōhum Therapy because I believe that when we come back to our true Selves, we live our most fulfilling lives. Healing takes courage, work and dedication … and you can do it. We’re here as your compassionate guides on that journey.

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Founder & Clinical Director